School Days

Words and Music (c) Willie Dunn

School days, school days
Dear old Golden Rule days
I recall the stuffy old classroom
Smoking butts in the grade-school bathroom
Bad days, sad days
Propaganda-had days
Sang my anthems. said my prayers
Prayed like Hell to get outa there.

When I was a boy of the age of six
They took me out to get me fixed
Five years, you've been at large
Dear old teacher read the charge
Principal looked down at me.
Said 'Boy, you've been bucking democracy
Anything to say, anything to do
Before we hereby sentence you?'

"Well, you got one year for climbing trees
You get another one for catching bees
One year for spontaneity
You get another one for curiosity
One year for exploration,
You get another one for imagination
One year for exuberance
You get another one for innocence
Two years for ingenuity
You can serve them all consecutively!"