Aural Tradition Records

Founded by the Vancouver Folk Music Festival:
100 series is eclectic mix including a growing catalogue of world music
200 series consists of releases licensed from Rounder Records for accessibility in Canada
300 series is reserved for Canadian songwriters whose work Aural Tradition admires and wants to produce
400 series of new Canadian music was launched in co-operation with CBC Radio Variety
TCD series features live recordings of traditional music
700 series - new releases 1999

Releases since 1980

Many titles are discontinued.
Some are available on cassette or vinyl only.
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  ATR-701 Willie Dunn Metallic First Nations folk
ATR-101 Sukay Pacha Siku Andes/folk
ATR-102 Various Artists 1980 Vancouver Folk Music Festival folk
ATR-103 Utah Phillips We Have Fed You All a Thousand Years songs of the IWW
ATR-104 Dave Van Ronk Your Basic Dave Van Ronk folk/guitar
ATR-105 Doc Watson & Merle Watson Doc & Merle Watson's Guitar Album country/guitar/instrumental
ATR-106 Themba Tana & African Heritage Songs & Drumming of Africa Africa/folk
ATR-107 Frankie Armstrong and Dave Van Ronk Let No One Deceive You folk/songs of Bertolt Brecht
ATR-108 Rosalie Sorrels Then Came the Children folk/spoken word
ATR-109 Bim (aka Roy Forbes) and Connie Kaldor New Songs for an Old Celebration Christmas/pop
ATR-110 Takeo Yamashiro Shakuhachi flute/new age
ATR-111 Boyoyo Boys T.J. Today Africa/pop
ATR-112 Joey Ayala Magkabillan contemporary folk/Philippines
ATR-113 Attila the Stockbroker Tuesday, July 4, The Rivoli folk/spoken word
ATR-114 Andrian Goizueta y Grupo Experimental Vienen Llegando Costa Rica folk/jazz
ATR-115 Uzume Taiko Chirashi folk/percussion
ATR-116 Tony Bird Sorry Africa Africa/folk
ATR-117 Rosalie Sorrels Be Careful, There's a Baby in the House folk/spoken word/women's
ATR-118 Soul Vibrations Black History/Black Culture folk/pop/reggae
ATR-119 Anne Lederman Not a Mark in This World folk
ATR-120 Various Artists Vancouver Audio Profile folk/world music
ATR-121 Sal Ferreras Invisible Minority folk/ Latin Amenca
ATR-202 Tony Rice and Norman Blake Blake and Rice bluegrass/folk/guitar
ATR-203 Michael Doucet and Cajun Brew Michael Doucet and Cajun Brew Cajun/rock
ATR-302 Faith Nolan Freedom to Love blues/pop/women's
ATR-303 Marie-Lynn Hammond Black and White ... and Shades of Grey folk/women's
ATR-304 Diana Braithwaite In This Time blues/folk
ATR-401 Polka Dogs Polka Dogs folk/jazz
TCD-501 Folk Artists of Shaanxi Live in Xian China /traditional folk

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